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Just after moving, I was depressed, dysphoric (uncomfortable in my body as a trans person), and couldn't sing a note without sobbing and ending up on the floor in a puddle.I had been resisting coming out because I knew that I wanted to take testosterone, and had researched the effects of testosterone on the singing voice.If you look at me, you might not know why this was such a godsend, but if you sit me down with a coffee, you'll quickly learn why.

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I did competitions and participated in the top-level state choirs for several years, and also got into the final rounds for solo competitors in my last year.

This was all very exciting, but it wasn't until my singing teacher gave me an aria from an opera that I knew what I wanted to do in life.

I came out as trans about four years ago, after moving to Berlin.

As a third of the world’s opera is in Germany, I had had the plan to move there in the back of my mind for several years.

” Let's fast forward now to a year after starting testosterone. I was starting to be able to sing some basic, early arias again, but I was nowhere near the ability I had had as a mezzo.

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