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If you decide to cancel your secured card, you can just pay off your outstanding balance, and you’ll get your security deposit back.

Because the card is secured, almost everybody is approved.

An unsecured credit card for bad credit is a card designed for those with impaired credit.

However, because it is unsecured, you won’t have to put any deposit or security against the card, and you’re not required to have a bank account.

It does come with a 19.99% interest rate, (but you shouldn’t be carrying a balance on a secured credit card anyways).

Also, if you have any large purchases you need to make on the card, you can deposit as much as $10,000, which should give you all the flexibility to have a large enough credit line for big ticket purchases.

What also makes this card unique among it’s peers, is that you can create a security deposit as low as $500 to as high as $25,000.

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