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Possible values are None, Any, Client, Server, Down Stream and Server And Client.

Now that you know some basics of the [Output Cache] attribute, let's use it in a sample ASP. You will need Visual Studio 2010 with MVC 3 installed in order to work through this example. NET MVC 3 Web Application and name the application as Caching In MVC. NET MVC 3 Web Application The next screen will allow you to choose the view engine - Razor or ASPX.

Figure 7: A sample run of Index Figure 8: A sample run of Show Post Before you apply the [Output Cache] attribute, test the application by changing Posts table data using Server Explorer and then refreshing the Index and Show Post views.

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all records from Posts table) and displays the posts in a table.

The table displays Post Id, Title and Publish Date.

The Show Post() action method accepts post ID as a parameter and renders Show Post view by passing a single Post object.

Once the controller is ready, proceed by creating the Index view.

The former attribute indicates that the action method under consideration should be called only as a child action.

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