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FOA has 14 fiber optic certification programs covering every aspect of fiber optic network design, installation and operation.

Primary Certifications: CFOT (basic fiber), CPCT (premises cabling), CFOS/O (outside plant, taught with CFOT included) and CFOS/D (fiber optic network design).

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We work with many other organizations and companies to provide the materials they need.

FOA has about 300 corporate members - companies in various aspects of the fiber optic industry worldwide that we list online and offer discounts on certifications and renewals.

Our work over this time has included developing our own technical references, our textbooks and online Guide, using the inputs of dozens of the experts in the industry we count among our volunteers.

We've been fortunate to have some career academics working with FOA who understand how to link curriculum, references and testing to create training that helps people learn what they need to know in their jobs as well as pass our certification tests.

If you are not joining us on social media yet, please do. Why not add to the list "Improving my knowledge of fiber optics." and take one of the free online courses at Fiber U?

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