validating serial number - Meetinyourcity dating site

by  |  17-Sep-2017 18:58

The company statistics seen here display two important pieces of information about the business.

This on the heels of a year filled with dating sites touting celebrity endorsements and star psychologists, but to what degree of success?

Research consulting firm i Research valued the China online dating market at 37 million yuan (US.5 million) for 2004 and 91 million yuan (US.2 million) for 2005, and predicts it will grow to 653 million yuan (US.5 million) in 2008.

Total Scam, I'm sure there are more connected websites all run by the same person/group.

I think I was approached on Match by someone giving me an email.

I emailed the 'girl' and she said she would be on one of the above sites, I don't remember which was first, either Flirt Local or Flirt Hookup I believe. After I had posted a pic the pic was distributed to all the above sites and probably my profile I stated I was not going to join the site and said if someone wanted to contact me they should leave an email.

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