Married sex chat bot

by  |  23-Nov-2017 06:21

Its like ICQ and Chatroulette hooked up and had an IM baby.

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The Loose Women panel were discussing sex robots, which come in an array of very realistic forms, when Saira Khan wondered how Christine, 38, would feel if footballer Frank, 38, spent some time with one.

“Would you prefer, I know Frank would never do this, but hypothetically, would you prefer that Frank cheated on you with a robot or with a real woman? However Christine, who married Frank in December 2015, says she wouldn’t accept cheating regardless of whether it was woman or machine.

Using Chatible is as simple as messaging the bot, waiting for it to reply with a button that will match you with an anonymous chatter and facilitate the conversation.

When you’re sick of talking to a random, you simply hit the like button, which functions as the chat equivalent of hanging up a phone.

Some of these apps let you chat with strangers based on interests, or indicate some cursory biographical points up front, but the majority, like Chatible, appear to prefer the stranger toss-up.

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