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William Braimen, Grandpa's Funeral, Showtime, 1994. Judge Marton, "Happily Ever After," Law & Order (also known as Law & Order Prime), NBC, 1990. Marty Jackson, "Awards Show," News Radio (also known as News Radio, The Station, Dias de radio, and Dies de radio), NBC, 1996. Victor Lewis, "Where the Hookers Grow," Melrose Place, Fox, 1998. Dragon Goes to Washington," Action (also known as Dragon), Fox, 1999.

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Steve, Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas (also known as California College—Hochzeit in Las Vegas, Casamento atribulado, and Salvado por la campana: Boda en Las Vegas), NBC, 1994. Sorenson, Her Costly Affair (also known as Consensual Relations), NBC, 1996. Collins, "Math Class," The Wonder Years, ABC, 1989. Axel Roark, "The Descent," Gabriel's Fire, ABC, 1990. Lawyer Robert Richards, "Vindaloo in the Villows," L. Jeffrey Higgins, "He Works Hard for the Money," Living Single (also known as My Girls), Fox, 1995.

Peter Lassally, The Late Shift (also known as Changement de decors, Die Jay Leno-Story, and Los reyes de la noche), HBO, 1996. Howard, "Ebb Tide," The Golden Girls (also known as Golden Girls, Miami Nice, Bnot Zahav, Cuori senza eta, Las chicas de oro, Les craquantes, Los anos dorados, Oereglanyok, Pantertanter, and Tyttoekullat), NBC, 1989. Axel Roark, "The Wind Rancher," Gabriel's Fire, ABC, 1990. Collins, "Math Class," The Wonder Years, ABC, 1990. Collins, "The Wonder Years," The Wonder Years, ABC, 1991. Leland, "A Horse Is a Horse," Knots Landing, CBS, 1991. Leland, "Where There's a Will, There's a Way," Knots Landing, CBS, 1991. Euless, "Aunt Poison," The Torkelsons (also known as Almost Home), NBC, 1992. Norman Gorman, "The Commitment," Baby Talk, ABC, 1992. Nelson Clifford, "Contempt," Hudson Street, CBS, 1995. Fisher, The Wright Verdicts, CBS, 1995.(As Steve Gilborn) Dr. Jeffrey Higgins, "Swing Out Sisters," Living Single (also known as My Girls), Fox, 1997.

James Posey, "The Witches of Gulfport," JAG, CBS, 2000.

Simon, "Monica's Bad Day," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 2000.

Gene Michaels, "Still Responsible," Still Standing, CBS, 2004. Malvert, "The Old Mac Magic," The Bernie Mac Show (also known as Bernie Mac Show), Fox, 2004. Bertram Osgood, "Take My Wife, Please," According to Jim (also known as The Dad, Immer wieder Jim, Jim hat immer recht, Jims vaerld, La vita secondo Jim, and Perheen kalleudet), ABC, 2005.

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