dating barret - Fort students learn about dating violence

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This report provides a summary of family violence, violence prevention, MMIWG and related initiatives conducted or participated in by the RCMP at the national, divisional and detachment levels. The first involves policing, investigations or the justice system.

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The program supports the provision of professional, dedicated and culturally responsive policing services, and has had a measurable and positive impact on public safety.

The First Nations Policing Policy and Program are currently being reviewed to reflect modern policing and policy landscapes, and ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the program into the future.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is committed to the prevention of violence against women.

As frontline police officers, we know that Indigenous women are at greater risk of being victimized; because of this, the RCMP Commissioner called for more research on this issue.

There were candidates from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and British Columbia in this first troop.

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