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She was arrested twice and she offended many with her antics, offstage and on, as well as her outrageous postings on the internet.In 1996, she amazed her critics with the brilliant performance she carried off in "The People vs. She wanted that part so badly that she went through a detox program, as the film exec's would not sign her if she tested positive for drugs.A Yale graduate, he is reserved about his private life.

Several months later, on 8/18/1992, their daughter was born , Francis Bean Cobain.

In a magazine article, Courtney was reported as saying she used heroin while pregnant.

She gained further notoriety for her temper and provocative, outspoken and confrontational behavior.

She met Kurt Cobain in 1991 just as he was rising to fame with his band, Nirvana, putting out "Nevermind." On 2/24/1992, she married Cobain, the troubled singer/poet/songwriter/frontman.

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