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Our team takes passengers to the location of the take off and takes back-to the agreed-on place.We will make everything inyour capabilities that after the flight there is only nice memories.

I bought it immediately, even though it was still September. This Winnie the Pooh Advent Calendar is very special to me, we used it when I was growing up, so when my mom sent it to me I know it needed to be front and center.

It made the move from New Orleans to Denver, and finally found it’s home on our wall. Luckily we got some snowfall yesterday, which makes our outdoor decorations look even more Christmasy!

At the end of the flight, the pilot reaches out to the team on the ground using a radio and tells them where he is planning to land the air balloon.

The flight usually takes around an hour (precise time depends on the weather conditions and relief, over which the flight is taking place).

We are a reliable air balloon team, partnered with almost all Lithuania Republic (and not only!

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